The Fireplace Entertainment Center

It’s more a common practice to have all the entertainment in one focal point somewhere in the room. I remember when people would have it distributed. The television was on one side of the room while the stereo was on the other, the fireplace was in between. But, we like to have them together now.

A great design for the fireplace entertainment center can actually be built into the wall or left standing alone so that it can be moved around the room, or from room to room. A great way to handle a huge piece such as the fireplace entertainment center is with a wheel system in place underneath. It’s easy to put together.

Built In Entertainment Center With Fireplace
Built In Entertainment Center With Fireplace

Things You Need:

2″ Thick Wood (the width, length and amount is up to your design)


Cabinet Doors

Wood screws

1″ Dowels

Wood glue

8 – 5″ Diameter Wheels Heavy Duty Plate with Locking Mechanism

Begin with the design. My particular favorite design has four shelves on each side with cabinets underneath. The center sits the television and other entertainment units on top of the fireplace, with a considerable amount of space and protection in between.

But, your design could include just about anything you want it to have. If you want extra cabinets or hiding places in your unit, enjoy designing it. Your imagination is as far as you can go!

Build your frame starting from the side shelving units. It’s good to think of building as what needs done inside before you go outward. So, the two shelving units will go inside the main frame. But, the shelves themselves will go inside the shelving units. Keeping that in mind, we take two 6’X2′ boards and drill ½” holes for dowels to hold the shelves in place. We will also be installing the cabinets below, but that won’t be until later. You can put shelving in the cabinet areas too if you wish.

For the cabinet space below, come up two feet or the length of your cabinet doors to start your first shelf. Drill ½” holes there and then every foot or so, place another shelf. Drill ½” holes at the ends of the boards, glue and put your dowels in place. Put the shelving units together and allow the glue to dry. The shelving units look nice when they are equally spaced. But if you have some creativity in you and can make it look good, offset shelving is also a nice touch.

With two shelving units built, connect them with the center board that will separate the fireplace below from the television on top. Drill ½” holes for your dowels at least three feet from the bottom. Drill ½” holes on the ends of the board. Fill the holes with wood glue and put your dowels in place. Pull the shelving units together. Let sit until the glue dries.

At this point, it’s best to put the back on the frame. Stand the structure up so that you can lay the board down. Drill holes ½” deep in the boards that will serve as the back. You should use one board per section, each shelving unit as well as the center. Drill ½” holes in the structure you have standing and make sure they align perfectly. Lay the structure back on the boards and get all the dowels in place. Let the glue dry.

Place the top and the bottom on your frame using screws. Use four or five screws for each vertical board, on the top and the bottom. You can put the cabinet doors on at this time and use molding to dress up the area where the television will hang as well as where the ventless fireplace will sit. A fireplace insert will go nicely in that area and you can build around it to make it look like it’s more a part of the unit rather than standing out from it.

The last thing you have to do is put your wheels on the bottom. Place four across the front and four more across the back, each one where the vertical boards are for extra support in those areas. One last gesture might be to add molding at the bottom. But, allow a ½” clearance at the bottom. It will look like its levitating and it will be easy to move from room to room, unless you want to take it to another level.

Sometimes people get overwhelmed when I try to tell them how to build something for their home rather than just go buy what they need. The fact of the matter is that the store never has what you want. They have what you need. They have an interpretation of what you could possibly want. But, I have found myself to be so much happier when I have built exactly what I wanted for the exact purpose that I wanted it.

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